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Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
The more I read these speculations the more I think the games are fictional worlds created by Beatrice. We have game masters, we have mystery novel rules, we have people that are game pieces, we have metagaming. Plus we have Virgilia, Ronove and Beatrice that actually aren't bad people and yet they kill without remorse.

I think Ryukishi has been trolling us with the time loop kakera lookalike scenario. Since almost all of his fans know Higurashi, he knew that everyone would watch Umineko and think "oh this is another time loop like in Higurashi", but where is it actually stated? Sure there are kakera mentioned in this game, but that's Bernkastel's power, where has it ever been stated that Beatrice has that power as well?

We know that this is a world created by Beatrice, a world with well defined rules. If the games are real, then Beatrice has power over reality. We know that a game master can even move the pieces at his own discretion. The "magic scene" fake scenario explanation is getting less and less consistent. You can't use that explanation for everything that has been shown anymore.

I am very confident on my theory that Beatrice's power is the power of imagination, and that is why her power can only allow her to create fictional worlds. That's why mystery novels rules, which do not necessarily apply to the real world, can apply to this world.

I think Battler has finally understood all of this, that's why he can confidently assume the role of "gamemaster" and the title of "magician".
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