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Batch 9 for 1st post?_?

Lockon Stratos of Gundam 00 .. probably the best meister out of the bunch.. but his brother claimed the best prize .. too bad for that couple's ending.

I never got around and changed the request name to Cyz, nor did I fixed the nudge problem stated by Cats.. gomen >.<

After such long hibernating from any animated sigging work.. my rustiness was exposed in this sig ._.
I am now watching the series.. best part of the series so far? The OP and ED. And that young maid was a total love ..

LOL.. No commento

Well.. this actually are 2 sig put together.. left side only have 4 frames, right side 14 frames ..

Doubt I can add anymore.. already way AS unfriendly ...

triple postin OMG.. I'm awesoem!

OH SHI- It got added again~~ (13th January 2011)

Funny sig, I dunno why I did this to rejoin SotM December.. Even got 6 votes too

Found a picture consist of the old and new faces of the seiyuu, before they are famous, and their most up to date picture.. Some of them are seriously different, makeup .. surgery (dont lie, there's definitely surgery on some), and some who maintainn their natural beauty over the years.. so I thought is fun to use some of them in sig.. especially when I find old schoolgirl face Rie Tanaka <3

And yet another one featuring 3D seiyuu. I opted to include their anime counterpart too, so some peoples can see the face of the voice, or is it the voice of the face .. had to put in Azunyan and Kuroneko, because thats all I can remember them off, on the hindsight, I should prolly used Tenshi for Kanatan .. but for Ayanyan .. Azunyan is definitely her flagship character, I aint putting that b!tch Kirino, no sir!

Moonie's request, because he got addicted by my 3D wimminz obsession
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