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Number of kills made by Kamille, Char and Amuro. Note : They are not 100% accurate. I count what I can see onscreen .I consider kills where by the MS can no longer get up or get destroyed, and by what I can see. Kills are very hard to count cause I have seen scenarios where I thought that a certain MS is being destroyed but a few seconds later it shows up to fight the Zeta. Oh and a long range shot with explosions doesnt neccessary means a kill.

Total Kill Count(At least)
Kamille: 46
Char: 30

Kill Per Battle Episode: (Total Kill Count/ Number of battle episode)
Char: 1.1538 (30/26)
Kamille: 0.9583(46/48)
Amuro: 0.8571 (6/7)

Spoiler for Kill rates of each episode

I'll double check the figures tomorrow. Guess it'll be ZZ gundam next. Oh and i'm not doing Seed, Seed Destiny ,Wing Gundam, Gundam ( Don't feel like re-watching) and G Gundam ( I'm not watching this one )

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