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I'm now more suspicious of Suou. When Suou awakened, the twin contractors started spouting stuff about this being the beginning of the end.

Could this be another plot to wipe out the Contractors?

It seems like things so far have been done to bring Suou's abilities out.

Dad taught her how to hunt down to the aiming instructions.
July parrots the instructions at the train station to take out Contractors.
Shion is conveniently near the Gate in Tokyo.
Nika got killed in front of her sparking her Contractor hatred.

Suou in contractor-mode is slightly more robotic though she did pause when trying to take out Tanya and started to cry.

But a good point was brought up by Tanya. Shion was never shown talking to someone outside of Suou's dad or Suou. So we don't have a third party verification that he truly exists.
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