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Alto x Ranka :)
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Originally Posted by magnuskn View Post
The series was undoubtledly steering towards a Sheryl/Alto ending, there was no *way* they could have ended it on an Alto/Ranka note after the prior episodes, not without making it completely laughable.

If the movie does make Ranka a better character, which the series notably failed to do, and if it builds up a credible romance between Alto and her, I could live with it.

The series seriously dropped the ball on that account after episode 15, and therefore no Alto/Ranka ending should have been possible there. As I said, the movie is another story.

Now, if they choose to treat the movie continuity as the "real" continuity for sequels afterwards, then I'd be pissed.
I wouldn't say undoubtedly, even if most viewers felt that Alto was leaning more towards Sheryl at the time. Obviously, there was plenty of romantic tension building up between Alto and Sheryl during the course of episodes 19-24, but it's hard to pinpoint exactly where his sympathies lie. To me it felt more like Alto was being caught up in his circumstances, being caught in the flow of the moment. Ranka's departure left him confused as to what his priorities actually were, since I could imagine he wanted to go out and bring her back but couldn't because of the danger Frontier was in and of course, Sheryl's condition.

I know this is going to sound redundant but I just can't get over these points. As soon as Alto found out about Sheryl's sickness, he turned all mushy and began being as kind as he could be to her. Then there is the point of Alto seeing his mother in Sheryl and yes, I know there are characters that fall in love with someone that reminds them of their mother, but her situation is just so convenient that I believe Alto was being caught up in the moment. Alto has a tendency to want to protect Ranka all the time but after she left, he couldn't remain ignorant to what was going on around him. And so Sheryl now needed Alto and he was there to oblige.

After explaining how I feel about Alto and Sheryl, I believe an Alto x Ranka ending could have been very possible, even plausible at that. Regarding Ranka's character, I believe they took 2 steps forward and one step back. She had her moments but episode 25 retracted from that a little bit.

Now as for continuity, I believe I read an interview or something about Kawamori (a real one, not fabricated ) and they were speaking about SDFM and DYRL and which was actually canon. His response was that he really didn't care, so I don't believe that either one will be canon. I suppose we'll just have to choose one.

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