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The African Roots of Latin Music and Japanese Latin Jazz

Obàtálá is one of the most important deities in the traditional religion of the Yoruba people in Yorubaland, which encompasses parts of the West African nations of Nigeria and Benin (formerly Dahomey). Yoruba slaves brought the traditional Yoruba religion and the worship of Obàtálá to the New World where the Yoruba religion syncretized with other African religions and Christianity (Catholicism), resulting in neo-African religions like santería (aka lukumí/lucumí) in Cuba and candomblé in Bahía, Brazil.

Discussion in English of the West African Obàtálá in Yorubaland can found on a series of videos, beginning with Part 1:

OBATALA & OSUN...part 1 of 11

Discussion in Spanish of the dance for the Cuban Obatalá in santería can be found on the following video:

danza de los orisha -OBATALA

And here is a live concert performance of "Obatalá," a tribute to the African roots of Latin music, by the all-Japanese Latin jazz big band named Nettai Tropical Jazz Big Band (熱帯JAZZ楽団, Nettai Jazz Gakudan), the brainchild of Japanese salsa band Orchestra De La Luz founder and former bandleader Shingo "Carlos" Kanno:

OBATALA 熱帯JAZZ楽団  Tropical Jazz Big Band

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