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A vote thread for Claymore Season 2 please.

It has been two years since Claymore was put into anime. Now the author of Claymore is considering wether to make the second season of Claymore onto screen.

As we konw, the ending of Claymore Anime is different with manga, but the author promised that he could adapt the storyline so that the storyline of "Claymore Second Season" will be the same with the manga's.

The only thing he wants to know is wether people want to see it. So he made a vote for Claymore Season 2 on the website

If the voting is over 10,000 by March 31,2010, it means many people want to see Claymore anime, and he will probably put Claymore onto screen again. Otherwise not.

I am a Claymore fan and I think some of you are too. I hope that the moderator opens a new thread calling people who like Claymore to go to that website and vote for Claymore Season 2 ! Possibly we can see Claymore Season 2 in the next year ! Thank you!

BTW, the website is in Japanese, but it's really easy to vote becuase you only need to write your name and email, then click a button. If my request is allowed, I can give a guide with pictures to show you how to vote.

EDIT: I made a guide along with the proof on my blog, hoping it can help you.

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