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You've seen the Coder, you've seen the Tuner, and now you see the final part of the trio. We bring to you…

Lyrical Projects Presents
Code x Tune x Trap
Part TrapThree

Maven Emeraude

Warning: Text wall because I'm the only one out of the three who didn't make a poster profile. Not necessarily a bad thing though, no?

Name: Maven Emeraude
Affiliation: TSAB Engineering Division, Device Meister
Military rank: Private 1st Class
Magical rank: C+
Call sign: Ariadne
Age: 18 (as of MC0083)
Birthday: October 12 MC0065
Height: 163cm
Magical colour: Green
Hair: Lavender, hip length
Eyes: Red
Specialty: device mechanics; capture and arrest
C.V: Kikuchi Kokoro

Spoiler for Appearance:

Spoiler for History:

Spoiler for Personality:

Spoiler for Skills:

Spoiler for Device: Gossamer:

Spoiler for Device: Regular Side:

Spoiler for Device Tuning:

Spoiler for Relations:

Spoiler for "Dark Maven":

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