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And so!
On another note, do you guys have more information about Hikaru and Misa's fates?
I read online they got married and have a baby girl, but from where are these information from? Was it animated?
As others have said, it was never animated. All we have about little Miku Ichijo is a couple of references in Macross Guide Books, and this pic, which is from an official book (Macross Graffiti), but may or may not be truly official:

To make matters worse as far as Minmay goes, according to some official sources, Hikaru and Misa got married on Minmay's birthday!

And speaking of Minmay's birthday...have you checked out "My Fair Minmay"? It's on Nyaatorrents, or I can send you the Megaupload link if you'd like. It's not terribly essential, but it's interesting.
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