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Hey. I'm new to Ever17, but I beat it this Wednesday. Anyway, since some of you wanted Drama CD translations, I decided to work on translating the Ever17: 2035 Drama CD (not the character disk Drama CDs, though I might work on those someday.)

Anyway, I've translated the first track on the Drama CD, which lasts from 0:00 to 14:07. I'll be translating the whole thing, but I thought I'd start off by doing this one section at a time. It took me about a day to do this, but it's finally done.

But I'll warn you, my Japanese is only at an intermediate level, so the translations here are not 100% accurate. If I had to guess how accurate they were, I'd say this translation's about 70-80% accurate. There were quite a few words I couldn't get, and I "ad libbed" a small amount of the dialogue, though I think it fits in context. If you understand Japanese better than I and notice some mistakes, please point them out to me.

Also, my translation is rather literal, not fully adjusted to English, so some of the dialogue may be written a little awkwardly and sound strange. But I hope you'll be able to understand it.

Anyway, here it is, the first part of the 2035 Drama CD for Ever17. In case you don't know, this Drama CD is set about a year after the end of the game, and is not related to the Character disk Drama CDs. To fully understand the CD, it's much easier if you read this in sync to the Drama CD. Well, here we go.

UPDATE 7/24: The retranslation of Episode 1 is complete. Moving on to Episode 2.

Spoiler for Drama CD 2035 Part 1 translation:

So, that's that. I'll work on translating Part 2 as soon as I can. I may try translating the Character disk Drama CD's but those will be more difficult, since they're longer overall and involve a lot of medical and biological terms that I don't know. Well, until next time.

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