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Alright, Part 2's ready. This was easier to translate than Part 1, since most of the Japanese involved here was mostly basic Japanese. But that doesn't mean I didn't have trouble with some of the lines. For instance, I was a bit uncertain what exactly were the last two lines of Coco's joke, so I may have messed them up. My grammar is also my weakest area in Japanese, so the overrall wording might have been messed up. The joke certainly doesn't seem funny (then again, it's not supposed to be.).

Some other lines, like Coco's short flashback, were also a bit hard to translate exactly, so I ad-libbed some of them. But overall, I think this translation is more accurate than my Part 1 translation. Well, here you all go!

UPDATE 7/24: Retranslation of this episode is complete.

Spoiler for Drama CD 2035 Part 2 translation:

That's it. I'll begin translating Part 3, but I leave for Thanksgiving break on Tuesday, so it may not be up depending on whether or not I have Internet access at the hotel I'm staying at. If that's the case, please be patient!

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