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Hello everyone! Episode 1 of the Character disc Drama CDs (which I will call the After You've Gone Drama CDs from now on) has been translated. I know Elvin already did an excellent summary of it a few pages back (which was very helpful in my translation- thanks, Elvin), but I decided I wanted to give my hand at translating the whole thing, so I did Episode 1. This was a bit harder to translate than some of the other CDs, but not the hardest one- though as I mentioned earlier, later section will probably be hard for me because of all the medical and biological jargon featured here. I also did a bit of ad-libbing, but I think it fits.

So here it is, Episode 1!

Spoiler for After You've Gone Drama CD Episode 1 translation:

That's it. I'll see you later for Episode 2!

EDIT: 12/19/2012- Retranslated script.

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