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"I like this mysterious side of her"

Once again Azuma has the best line of the episode.

Personally I think that originally Aoba intended the chocolate to be to Kou from Wakaba.

That would be so Aoba. (Makes a nice plausible excuse).

But not when Akane shows up. If Aoba had decided to openly give Kou chocolates I don't think Akane's presence would have stopped her- but if Wakaba is involved...

One of the things I am liking is the way everybody around Aoba and Kou are suddenly taking a step back to reconsider the Aoba x Kou pairing, and consider an alternative like Aoba x Azuma and Kou x Akane.

I was surprised at Ichiyo's nonchalance though. I actually felt a little betrayed... at least we can still count on Momiji to support an Aoba x Kou ending.

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