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What I don't like Hedge, is that when people disagree with you, you keep saying "you're using your version of the manga", like you're a spokesperson for Yagi or something. You said it to me, and now you're saying it too others

This isn't the anime - Priscilla is not afraid of Teresa, she has on reason to be. The anime was messed up in that Priscilla was terrified for life about her or something, because of Priscilla wanting to kill Teresa for disobeying the rules.

Their is nothing like this in the manga. Priscilla's awakened side above all else definitely knows she killed Teresa, Noel, Sophia, maimed Irene, killed Ophelia's brother and everyone else that she ate. She has no reason at all to fear Teresa when she killed her.

That's the thing about the anime - they messed up and didn't understand that she has starkly different personalities/mental states depending on which specific situation we're talking about. Her awakened side, which killed Teresa, is mature, intelligent, and sadistic and aware of herself, what she's done etc etc.

Tempest is absolutely correct - Priscilla in the anime was able to (somehow, because her sensing abilities shouldn't be so good as far as we know) to sense that Claire's yoki was like Teresa's, which combined with her unexplainable fear, is what sprang her into action. Priscilla sensed Claire in Pieta as one of the bright lights, did not sense Teresa or anything like that, and didn't do anything of the sort.

This right here proves that Priscilla has a different personality then how she was when she awakened, that she cannot sense to the same degree as she could in the anime, and she has no overwhelming fear of Teresa

You can argue: "But since she can't sense Teresa inside her, how do we know she's not afraid of her like in the anime?". The point is mute - if she cannot sense her, then Teresa doesn't exist to her anymore, she's gone because she killed her, and a part of her knows she did, and if she killed her, she knows she isn't a threat and has no reason to be afraid of her. More to the point, since she was different during Pieta, she wouldn't have sprung into action like she did in the anime regardlessly because she lost her memories of everything that happened till she met Isley. A point the anime seemingly forgot.

All of this, kind of trumps Revan's theory also on Priscilla's "goal" that the cover says, whatever it is, that it involves going after Claire's head...because aside of the fact she's not smart or manipulative enough to pull something like a scheme of fooling Isley, Raki, and carefully planning it all to meet with Claire and kill her... all of the above showing that she isn't afraid of Teresa, couldn't feel Teresa inside of Claire anyway, and remembers he killed her so Teresa is long gone anyway and she knows it, and some girl she let go with a quarter-piece of her inside her can't do a thing about it.

- - - (Unless she fully awakens of course ) - - -

But anyway, this is the Raki thread, shouldn't even be going into such detail here.

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