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Well, I came back from Philadelphia and I guest it's time for a :

Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
There doesn't have to be an element of thievery around it at all.
Unfortunately, there is:

Archaeology (Anthropology) Code of Ethics*
*(It took me a while to write all of this down so I hope you'll take the time to read it through)

Spoiler for Code of Ethics:

Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
Rich people get bored, and many are into art. It's a status symbol to have a rare piece that no one does. Or they like creating their own personal museum and showing off rare pieces. In this light, it's not unusual for them to look for archeologists with promising research or digs, and hire them.

Sort of a "I'll pay for all expenses, and don't worry about the artifacts, because I'll be displaying them in a museum with your name as the discoverer, even though legally they'll belong to me."

Of course, there will always be those who traffic in less-than-legal means, but Im just throwing this out as one method that is used. There are unscrupulous people out there.

Anyways, it's not entirely clear about the Scrya clan and their reasons, although Chrono said something about Yuuno not having the backing of a Scrya clan member when he was made librarian in the manga, so apparently the Scrya clan name does have some weight.

It's one of the things I'm gonna address in a future fic; got it plotted out for my "Red Jewel Diaries" series.
Yes, you have a point there but I'm sad to say that you fell into a trap. If you know any better, then you would actually TALK to Archaeologists instead in relying in what you hear from people who are not engaged in Anthropological research (which Archaeology is part of). That is a very big "no-no" in our field.

On the other hand, you are right when you said that it does not have to be in thievery fashion but then you added "rich people". You make it sound as though we were living in the 1800's (when Archaeology was at its peak). If an older and much more experience Archaeologist/Anthropologist heard what you said, you would have gotten an earful. The problem that you are having is that you are mixing facts with old tactics. Yes, we can get hire by a company to PROTECT sites/artifacts (as well as to understand them) but never to sell. Many of the artifacts that are found worldwide belong to that country and there are "wars" within the Anthropological/Archaeological communities such as the Rosetta Stone (in England) and the Nefertiti Bust** (in Germany) controversies. Please do not get me started on Reparation Laws.

But at least you are trying to answer a question but this time, TALK to people instead of using the internet. Trust me, it works wonders.

And about your "Red Jewel Diaries"...I'm looking forward to it. :3

**-I usually do not recommend Wikipedia but it was close enough to the truth...

Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
It's more that archaeologists dig up ancient relics to discover more about the civilization to which those relics belong, not for monetary gain. When a relic is discovered, it is generally studied extensively for a long period of time (the more unique the relic, the longer it is studied) and if memory serves, the majority don't even end up in musea at all, instead spending time in storage only to be brought out for more research.

To sell a relic merely to make money would go against an archaeologists goal of searching for these relics in the first place. They do their work to discover more about civilizations, not to find valuable objects. An archaeologist would find a tablet describing a previously undiscovered way of living for a society to be infinitely more valuable than a golden cup.

Or so I believe to recall. I can have a bit of a romantic vision when it comes to archeology.
You are right there but it's not all that great.

Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
Yeah, but you asked how they would make money. If they aren't attached to a university or a major organization, they would be privately funded by rich people. They'd still get to study pieces, and perhaps be allowed to donate some. But rich people would want a return on their investment. It doesn't have to be shady or bad at all.

Think along the lines of an independent contractor.

If you're familiar with Stargate, Daniel Jackson was an archeologist. But people didn't want to believe his theories, so he had problems making ends meet financially.
Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
Alright, don't take my word for it:

Pierantoni, French and crew chief Huizinga are part of an archaeological crew recording a historic Anasazi relic site located along a path planned for energy exploration, somewhere in a sun-baked piņon forest near the Colorado-New Mexico border. They represent no university. They are collecting for no museum. They are paid by an independent company and are archaeologists for hire.

Truth is, the vast majority of archaeologists working in the U.S. are in the private sector.
Call them consulting archaeologists, contract archaeologists, cultural resource management (CRM) consultants or, as they often call themselves, just plain “shovel bums.”

I can dig up more links for ya, if ya want.

Edit: Actually, I wanna toss this up there for those who are curious (as I learned a few things, too):

Some excerpts: Archaeology as a "science" was born out of the older occupation of Antiquarianism, which was spurred on in the late 18th century by the Napoleanic conquests of Egypt and the subsequent expansions of Western civilization during the age of imperialism into areas of ancient and exotic cultures. Many "objects" of these cultures became desirable as art (as in the Elgin marbles) and as curiosities (as in mummies from Egypt). This was considered for many years a legitimate occupation and many early archaeological observations and material come to us from this period.

During this time period colleges and universities began sending out expeditions staffed with students. This was at first met with a great deal of skepticism from the "real" archaeologists who worked in the institutions. So those universities and colleges had to show that they too were "legitimate" and added stricter protocols for the assessments of data collected at archaeological sites.

The truth is, by hiring professional archaeologists the private sector is just as competent as the universities to conduct archaeological investigations, sometimes more so. This is due to the high cost of explorations -- something that the public sector is increasingly unwilling and unable to support. The deep seas are now increasingly open to the private sector because of the new technologies available.

It's interesting to see where Archaeology came from, and that Universities actually had to fight to prove they were legitimate once. But the end result is that the private sector is actually the major source of archaeology today. And here I thought it was just a small part. I guess I learn something new every day.
Nice research (I mean it )...but you do not know the REASON behind it. Why do we work for private companies?

Two reasons:

1. Private Company's (Such as Odyssey Marine Exploration inc.):

We work for them to make sure that they don't do anything stupid with the artifacts/remains. While it is true that some "company's" do seek out remains for the monetary value, we get hire by them to help out while at the same time we "keep an eye on them". Either we help out with their so-called "dream" or watch more artifacts succumb against mankind's lack of appreciation to its past history. In other words, "damn if we do, damn if we don't".

2. Companies that are going to build upon the soil of a Archaeological Site (Mostly near the highway):

If a company is trying to erect a building and finds Archaeological remains, it is against the law not to report it because it might be an important site that could potentially be included in the National Register of Historic Places. So we come in to check it out; I know this because I work for the Archaeological Services located I live which is affiliated with the University.

What I'm trying to say that it's not so easy to understand Archaeology or appreciate it without talking with a person who works in that field. I could go on but I really don't want to derail the thread.

But this is what happens when we are called in:

Spoiler for Phases:

But...yes. We don't get a lot of money for our work so we get hired by companies (not Rich People) but if that's what someone's looking for, as well as Indiana Jones adventure then they better change career. To survive in this field, one must have these five important characteristics:

1. Passion
2. Compassion
3. Attitude
4. Knowledge
5. Patience

If you are missing ANY OF THESE, and I mean ANY OF THESE, you will fail. Do what you love and the money will follow.

If all we wanted were rich people to sponsor us to dig up insects artifacts to sell back to them, then why go through all that trouble of spending a good chunk of our life studying Archaeology? All we have to do is go to a site, dig up dinosaur bones artifacts and sell it through the black market. It would be so much simpler.

One last thing; we usually get grants that pays for our digs as well as to its workers. We also get donations from other people to HELP us protect our cultural heritage (and I mean all of mankind); never to sell.

And that's that. If you have any question's or comments, please do not hesitate to PM me. Thanks.


Now I'm going to turn back to an immature brat. :3

Why do I suddenly want to ship Yuuno/Alavon?
First, I get paired of with RadiantBeam (not that I ever complained...) then Yuuno? @___@

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00-Raiser you perv.

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Oh, I did. :3 And I'll get back to you.

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Spoiler for NSFW:
*bursts into laughter for a good three minutes*

Originally Posted by Raging Heart View Post
Vivio A nun?

* RH passes out and falls down*
I actually have a fic titled, "MY GUARDIAN ANGEL" which has Nanoha as a Nun...

Originally Posted by Satashi View Post
*peeks in on lemon*
Spoiler for peek!:

Originally Posted by Satashi View Post
Christmas was always a fun time for me. Nanoha-mama was really into the holiday, so we always had a fun time. Currently she was outside out house on a ladder I was holding for her. A string of Christmas lights were hanging from her side as she merrily stapled the cord to the house. In fact, we were both singing a small Christmas carol that was playing on the radio curtsy of Raising Heart -who now sported one red wing and one green wing in true holiday fashion. One thing about Christmas that I enjoy now that I was a teenager was that my eyes matched the holiday. Back when I was younger people would tease me about it, but now I really enjoy the fact I was 'christmasy' all the time now. Mama started climbing down the ladder and I moved out of her way so we could shift it over a few feet so she could go back up. After a playful curse to aunt Hayate about 'anti-flying laws', Nanoha-mama started climbing back up while I fed her the Christmas lights again.

Another Nanoha Christmas Story
By: Satashi

Coming soon in a Fon Filia near you!

MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE! Can't wait for the release! XD

Originally Posted by Thunderbird View Post
Nanoha: Alright we're done! Fate-chan if you would please

Fate: *grumble* how did I turn into a power generator? *zaps*
*laughs for more than three minutes and then hiccups*

Originally Posted by RadiantBeam View Post
Fine, fine!

@Knight: Wanna join my harem since I can't marry you?
That'sssssss better, o Harem Mistress...

Originally Posted by Satashi View Post
Like I said before, PS!Vivio isn't a fic everyone will like, and I put that at the very beginning to warn people on it. I like it because I like Syn, and the story is mainly about Syn and vivio. That's why its an AU. AU means things change, which means its no longer a real Nanoha fic. In that concept, its fine. I never played it off to be a canon fic, and never intended it to be. Its an AU, not a Nanoha fic, and I never claimed it to be otherwise.

Same with Vampire!Fate, most everyone I know loves that fic, I have a crap ton of fanart for it, and get messages almost every day about it. Its still an AU and isn't really a Nanoha fic. I could change the names and make an original novel out of it.

The point is that's what the AU genre is there for. Its purposely NOT the real thing. There are different degrees of this, yeah, but like I said, that's the purpose. In this aspect, I don't consider anything wrong with Vampire!Fate
I LOVE Vampire!Fate! And you're right. Change the names and you got yourself a one hellava book!

EDIT: Damn...this thread moves fast.

@RadiantBeam: Both of them. *wink*
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