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The seinen manga GIANT KILLING by Tsujitomo (drawing) and Tsunamoto Masaya (original concept) will be getting a TV anime adaptation.

The anime will start broadcast in April 2010, and will be 26 episodes long.



The manga is serialized in the seinen manga magazine Morning.
Currently there are 12 volumes released of this manga.



From MangaUpdates:

In Giants Killing a ragtag bunch from East Tokyo are struggling in Japan's top football league. The team is going through an abysmal spell right now where they are nearing the bottom of the table and have lost 5 matches in a row. The loses haven't done much to team moral, because it was already low. Fan support, on the other hand, is looking bleak. In the world of football, once the fans turn on a team the end is near. Teams don't recover. Coaches are fired, players are sold, and teams drop to smaller divisions where profits often prevent them from ever being successful against even mediocre top division programs. East Tokyo United, ETU, can only blame their coach right now. And Coach is ready to give up this next game to prove to his team and fans, that against the biggest club in the nation he can make this team when.
Drawing: Tsujitomo
Original Concept: Tsunamoto Masaya

Genre: Seinen, Sports


Source: MoonPhase Diary

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