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Sloppy translation for even report as extracted by Kyou mo Yarareyaku:
  • Only the first episode's dubbing was done with animation. (Kamiya)
  • Yuma-san said to me it was amazing. It was really amazing. (Kamiya)
  • In the dubbing studio, Yuma-san was too excited it was annoying. (Kamiya)
  • I wasn't able to guess what the first episode looked like because there were a part that was omitted. (Chiwa)
  • Sound director Tsuruoka changed the way he put sounds according to cuts ratio. (Chiwa)
  • Oishi-san did not allow first episode to finished and keep fixing it until it airs. (Yuma)
  • Kamiya-san is very good at following-up the conversation. (Chiwa)
  • I always think of how I could express the image I have on my head for conversations. (Kamiya)
  • Being cautions about keeping distance between characters. (Kamiya)
  • The anime was made in a way you won't hate Koyomi. (Kamiya)
  • Pervert conversation with Hachikuji was what I thought "how about this!" from the beginning. (Kamiya)
  • Since each characters has different mental image of Koyomi, isn't it make his presence a bit weak from a man's view? (Kamiya)
  • Anime version of Koyomi is really a man. He's going to help. He's dependable. (Chiwa)
  • I watched episode 12 in the company and cried. (Yuma)
  • Episode 12 that went from a staple to starry skies, my sentimental with Hitagi's character did not change. (Chiwa)
  • Still don't really know how to feel with Koyomi. (Kamiya)
  • Hitagi OP was initially scheduled to use for only one episode, it was episode 12. (Chiwa)
  • "That's absurd! It's more impact to play each song for each character and finally re-use Hitagi OP for the last episode!" (Kamiya)
  • Character commentary was a pain. (Chiwa)
  • Normal scripts are 30 pages, character commentary is 60 pages... (Chiwa)
  • About 10 pages of script were removed during the recording. (Chiwa)
  • Atogatari or anything, I will do it. Just not commentary. (Kamiya)
  • When I borrowed the first episode's DVD to watch, I feel Oshino was really cool. (Kamiya)
  • Then I sent mail to Sakurai "Hey! Oshino is damn cool." (Kamiya)
  • This is the first time I ever re-dubbed something for DVD release in my 10 years of Seiyuu life. (Kamiya)
  • "Super Nadeko" is about the middle point between DVD/BD release and TV broadcast. (Yuma)
  • According to series director Oishi, episode 9 was a failure and episode 10 was an unfinished work. He's going to do a large scale corrections. (Yuma)

Regarding Nisio-sensei
  • I didn't come today because I dislike place full of people. (Letter)
  • Writing novel is fun because it's able to do alone. On the contrary the anime is fun because everyone have to cooperate. (Letter)
  • Nisio-sensei always presence for commentary dubbing, looking really happy.
  • If the commentary is too long to fit it will be cut, but if it's too short Nisio-sensei will just re-write the script in the dubbing studio.
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