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Originally Posted by Kasshin
Releasing with no karaoke, which means there wasn't an attempt to romanize the op at all, is worse than releasing with a bad translation/romanization karaoke. But then, the 3rd option, which is waiting for the official lyrics to release, may not be considered better either, because that could mean waiting a LONG time...
So let me get this straight...

Releasing something that you are 100% positive is wrong is better than not putting the wrong subs on? I am confused...

So intentionally misleading the viewers is considered the proper method? Wow, I was totally wrong.

Don't say that there was no attempt to romanize the OP at all. For example in the L-E/IDE team, after we got the episodes we had no less than 6 japanese translators and native speakers attempt to make sense of the song and not ONE of them could do it. I have examples of what everyone came up with. Every single attempt had not one correct line in it, and these were very very competent translators from very competent groups trying (Live-eviL, Ideology, Solar, a.f..k, etc).

It's one thing to make an educated guess on a line in a song that you are not sure on but the rest of the song is 100% positive. It's another to release the song subtitled knowing full well that every single line is probably wrong. The Initial D OP is a special case. 100% of japanese people cannot understand the song without lyrics. It's incomprehensible. Intentionally misleading the viewer just so you can show off some "l33t" karaoke effects or something is by no means the proper protocol.

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