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Don't want to interrupt the current flow of discussion, but I posted this on the EP3 thread based on the discussion there, which really doesn't belong there since it involves EP3 spoilers.


Okay seriously Workworkwork, give it a rest. Until you have proof that Rosa did in fact buy Sakutaro, then stop running your mouth. Can we prove that she didn't? No, it's a devil's proof, both sides have nothing to show for their claims. However, all you seem to do is look as hard as you can for the negative side of things just to support your own theories. I really wonder why you even participate in the community sometimes when it seems like you only disagree with everyone else's thoughts and stick relentlessly to your own guns. In which case, why don't you just enjoy Umineko on your own? If you have all the answers which it seems like you do, then you shouldn't need us, and to come here just to argue against everyone else just makes you a jerk. Come off your high horse. If you want to debate that's fine, but if you're insisting on flaming about things you don't have any proof for either then I think I speak for many of us when I say we'd be happier if you just didn't post at all.

Everyone has their own opinions, and this especially is the kind of series where almost every point of discussion revolves around conjecture and theories. Kindly stop trying to push your own onto everyone else. You hate Rosa, we get it. You hate the Anime, we get it. You want to complain and express your opinions, well, so do we, and I'd be a hypocrite to say I haven't had my fair share of ranting and disagreement with some of the other notions on this forum. But I'm also not vehemently arguing until I'm blue in the face just to be a dick. Sorry if I'm being harsh, but I'm getting pretty fed up with your attitude. I have nothing against your opinions and I even agree with many of them, but it's the way in which you present them that's just rude and uncalled for. Please have a little more respect for everyone else and stop trying to force your points when you're reaching for reasoning just as much as everyone else.

We can't prove Rosa made Sakutaro any more than you can prove that she didn't. We're at an impasse. Just drop it because saying anything more about your theory is just flaming, it's not adding anything new and constructive to the discussion, and it's only serving to piss people off. If that entertains you, then quite frankly you're the epitome of several concepts I'd rather refrain from saying for fear of rule violation. I'd like to think you're not really getting your kicks out of pissing everyone off around here, and it's just a matter of conflicting opinions, in which case please, try to present your theories and arguments with a bit more class in the future.

That's all I have to say, if an argument breaks out here after this post I'm not getting involved. I just had to speak my mind.
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