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Were you annoyed by the random sound clicks and pops during the voiced scenes?
Were you frustrated by the low-quality dull voices encoded as 22050Hz 4-bit audio?

If so, then our new patch is for you! ^_^

Ever17 Voice +SFX Patch is a complete superior quality replacement for both voice.dat and se.dat, which utilises converted & edited data from PS2 version of the game. Now you can get the full experience of the game in the way which was originally intended by the creators! ^3^

It's compatible with ANY available PC edition of the game (including Japanese 4CD, Japanese DVD, English 4CD and even Chinese DVD).

You can download the complete patch by following this link.

Please note: this patch is made with good intentions to enhance PC players' experience and NOT intended to be redistributed with illegal copies of the game.

Enjoy. ^_^
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