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Ever think about asking someone who does own it if they could help?
I figured this was the best place to start.

the links work fine for me...
It was down ~16h ago.

Let me google that for you...
Your Google link doesn't help because nowhere does it provide syntax for image positioning. I do not have time to spend hours fiddling around because that detracts me from translating. I simply want a clear example and your link fails to provide that. This isn't some complicated karaoke; a correct example would probably only take up a couple of lines.

You're obviously just trying to be annoying. If you're not even going to bother helping, don't reply.

take a wild guess as to how many of the posters ITT actually own a legal copy of AFX
Okay, then. I don't feel like downloading an entire package just for one task.

text{\fscy200}\N{\alpha&HFF&}I{\r}more text
Tried this already and it's not accurate enough for 150+ names because it eventually desyncs. If I wanted to go this route, I would have timed 150+ ASS lines. That's why I'd rather just scroll a transparent PNG over the video.

Really, nobody cares about translation of staff credits onscreen.
Thank you for your opinion. I'd rather do my work my way.

your complete inability to think for yourself, use google or read manuals
This thread is about asking for help. Why have it when the only response will be "read a book?"

Okay, asking again. Does anyone know how to move a picture over a predefined area in AviSynth? I have a transparent PNG with English names that I want to scroll upwards alongside the Japanese text. Thanks in advance!

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