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Wow, I lose Net connection for a day, and look what happens.

Reading through the posts, I wonder why some people haven't jumped on the way Oreille described the new Earth: as an Ark. You know, the type where you put things in case things go to Hell in a handbasket?

Oh, and it looks like many people are still not reading the explanations that the few of us who didn't give a kneejerk 'OMG THIS SUXXORS!' reaction gave, or tried to give, with what little info we had.

Reference to the Original Myth:

Izanami-no-Mikoto and Izanagi-no-Mikoto, the twin deities and spouses, had one final child, Kagu-Tsuchi, a deity of fire whose flame killed his mother Izanami when he was born, thus introducing Death to the world. The parallel in Darker than Black ends at this point of the myth, as what comes afterwards is Izanagi going mad with grief and killing Kagu-Tsuchi.

Another being is supposed to have come into existence with him, Mizuhame, a deity of water and Kagu-Tsuchi's opposite, whose role was to pacify the fiery deity.

What is Clear:
- Another Earth was created by Shion though his powers, which is populated by copies of people from the original Earth. The memories of the copies were supplied via the ME network. The world is called an Ark by Oreille. The original meteor we saw at the start of the season is consumed to make the memories permanent for the copies.
- Suou and July no longer exist in the original Earth, and live new lives in New Earth, though they don't seem to have any lingering memories. Observant watchers will notice Mai from the first season (the girl contractor who went Moratorium for a while before gaining control of her fire powers) in Suou's class.
- The US invades Japan and takes control of the area around Hell's Gate.
- Misaki and her boss, Oreille and her Doll twins, and Mao form a new Syndicate to resist the US occupation.
- A child awakens inside Heaven's Gate (whom we just call at this point Kagutsuchi, after the myth of Izanagi and Izanami), with an ominous power. It seems like the mythical Kagu-Tsuchi, his birth heralds Death for the world.
- A new gate opens somewhere else.
- Hei is alive, as BK-201's star is shining brightly.
- Genma is killed by Hazuki.
- Though alluded to in Episode 25 of the first season, here we get confirmation that the Gate hastens Doll evolution (as in the case of July and Oreille's twins).

What is Implied:
- The US was behind the original Syndicate the whole time.
- August 7 is alive, and reveals that MI6 is going along with the USA's invasion of Japan. Then again, given the location in the middle of the Gate, it might just be July's inner voice telling him the opposite of what he wanted -- to find Suou.

What is Unclear:
- Yin's fate. In the original myth, Izanami dies giving birth to Kagu-Tsuchi. There's equal evidence at this point for Hei taking the Third Option, or Hei simply frying her.
- The location of the new Gate.

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