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The Crossroads of Haruhi Suzumiya Visual Novel Project Archive v3.0

Most of this post was originally copy-pasted from CanadaAotS' VN Archive (that was copy pasted from dkells VN Archive). Thanks for all the time you put into it Canada and dkellis!

This post will be updated as new chapters are added.

If I miss any, please PM me with a link to the post in question, and I'll add it in. If your text is an edit of someone else's, please mention it explicitly in the post.
If I mislink or mislabel something, please do the same.



Spoiler for Script:

Art Direction and Checklist

Art file

All images Binjovi posted in this thread in no particular order. Thanks bhl for gethering them.

Spoiler for Art File:



For the Genderbending of Haruhi Suzumiya Story Archive, see here.
For the Complete List of Art for Crossroads, see here.

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