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Nope, we've been having fun in the music thread for a month about the OST. I found the tracklist as a nice Christmas present and romanized/translated it here for you all.

Edit: As for how long the movie will stay in theatres, it will definitely be throughout February. There is a campaign set up to start on 2/27 that gives re-watchers a film bookmark from the movie for coming back by MOVIX, and likely by others. There are three theatres that have the movie listed as starting after 2/6, but only one states it'll be in the later part of March while the others have no times listed.
Sorry to quote myself, but two more theatres posted that they will show the movie. Not surprising, but the fact that they will start showing it in April is indeed surprising. Both theatres are run by the United Cinema group, which is showing the movie in Hokkaido and Tokyo on opening day. This extends the run through April at the latest, so for those traveling to Japan by April, you'll still have a chance to see it before the rest of the world. Keep in mind we're less than one week until the first fan reviews should be coming in.
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