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Dragging up an oldie to show off one of my latest infatuations. I still get a good feeling when I think back on this series and I stumbled across these at Being an artbox/Limited Edition enthusiast, I had to start collecting them because Elis is still one of my favorite characters.

Since someone turned me on to (where they give you a Japanese warehouse address to use, then forward packages to you), I've been able to get them from the market affiliates way cheap... as in ¥800-1500 vs the¥8,190 that amazon asks. You have to pay a fee to Tenso, of course, but it's still a lot less than the direct order from amazon.

Now, only 8 more of them to get. *sigh* If only I didn't have to make up my mind between artbox/LE stuff and figures...

I still haven't learned much Japanese, but in watching the first episode of the Japanese disk, I was a little surprised by how much I understood. So, I must have picked up on a few things in the year since I first watched this series.

Anyhow... long live Canvas 2... and Elis!
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