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Well, 6 eps into the show and it's the same meaningless go-nowhere moeblob parade that it was after ep 2. I could copy my comments from back then verbatim.

There is absolutely no story, as shown by the fact that you could watch eps 2-6 out of order and not miss a thing. If there was any narrative arc here, by any reasonable means it should have started by now. The events in each seperate episode (calling them "stories" would be a stretch) are designed to inflict maximum moeblob exposure upon the viewer, and nothing else. As if the "girls frolic in the mountains" episode wasn't bad enough, ep six gives us "moeblobs firing obscenely large entrenchment weaponry".

Oh and the big secret.. A moonshine racket! Nowai.. And here's me thinking that it might actually be something that would have tied into the lore of the region and kickstarted the story in some way. Moeblobs playing army, moonshining, bathing and getting up to no good..
Could the show have concievably been any more contentless? Why not just have characters jumping up and down in front of a white background while making cute noises? As evidenced by Isshoni Training, the otaku will still buy it and the rest of us won't have to suffer it.
Really, the suck here is so evident that I shouldn't even have to explain it.. I won't make the same mistake I made with K-On, I'm dropping this drivel right now.

tl;dr: What Sol Falling said, only with more hate because I've always hated moeblobs and I've come to hate this show.
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