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Okay While I'm working on my George culprit theory for episode 2 I'm just going to let you know what I think the real order of the deaths are.

in Kyrie's group, he was the first to die.

Sixth or fourth Twilight (?????): Kanon

First Twlight: Kyrie, Natsuhi, Eva, Rudolf, Krauss, Hideyoshi

Fifth Twilight (Gouge the chest and kill): Jessica

Second Twilight: Nanjo, and Kumasawa

This is what I've got so far. I was suspicious of the order of deaths so I switched them around a bit. The first seven people probably all died, or some were drugged, in Jessica's room (not implying Jessica did it necessarily yet) They were put in an unlocked chapel. Kanon, who was killed in Jessica's room, was hidden under the table that those at the first twilight sat at. Kanon was not involved in the murders so this doesn't contradict any reds.

I'll work on the rest later, but my suspicion is that in episode 2 the order of deaths is fake. My first tell was when Jessica was stabbed in the chest. In episode 1 Eva and Hideyoshi who were the second twilight were stabbed in their foreheads (Note: This is the only time I recall two people being discovered in the same room with stakes in the same place on their body in any of the episodes). Jessica was stabbed in the back (her chest) not her forehead so she is probably the fifth twilight and not the second. So the culprit may have slipped up in portraying his murders Or there are multiple culprits and they accidentally did some epitaph murders twice, Or alternatively the murders are always carried out of order from the epitaph and the discovery always seems to be in order to the detective.

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