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So far the only person I have seen with a really big negrep is mg1942, but that doesn't make him a total cock talker : believe me, I have see far worse posters and less sensible posts in here, me being one of them in my earlier days.

On the other hand, I personally think that the rest of you Asuki members to rein in your bloody damned emotions when it comes to reading posts. At least attempt some fact-bashing or arguing before lobbing a negrep, don't just give one because you don't like that post or it makes you uncomfortable.

Constructive or not that post may be, the purpose of being here is to do something we can't do IRL, like getting away from the rat-race and the people you don't like, and whether by indulging in a little insanity or deep-thought, all of us are trying to relax in cyberspace. Often at times each of us may "relax" ourselves a little too much and start all sorts of venting and counter-venting scenarios which we find in real life, but keep in mind that we are all human and that is our nature : the freedom of expression in here isn't just limited to you.

Sure as you may not like reading what was written because it might be in contrary to your belief system, but this is a PUBLIC forum where everyone is free to voice themselves.

So how do we not make ourselves give negreps? Here is a guide :

1. Don't take whatever you read or see too seriously.

Quoting Mark Twain :

Believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see.
How can you be sure that the post is out there to intentionally offend you? Read through again, and find loopholes to counter if you disagree. Think of it : if you negrep the person who in actuality, behind the keyboard, is trying to make you unhappy, that person already won. If it is unintentional, you are the aggressor. As we cannot HEAR each other in cyberspace, we cannot judge the TONE in which we are addressed in. Words are still words to be READ, not heard.

Ultimately, it is still the content presented in the post. Address the content, not the person.

2. Open your damned mind

I singled that word out because each of us have our own filters and firewalls programmed in to filter out anything we don't like, as a form of emotional and sanity protection IRL. These barriers then layer upon each other, and eventually shutting us out of real or hidden content, usually between the lines. And instead of helping us, it is that which drives us loony and bricks us like a PSP with a bad firmware.

Let's face it, we are all insane. And we just do all sort of things that drive people up the wall sometimes. So please don't say that you are lazy (can't be bothered with countering a post), but in fact you are crazy.

The important thing is to accept oneself, if you don’t forgive yourself, you won’t be able to forgive other people!

3. Accept other posters for who they are.

If you have been lurking around long enough, especially in the General Chat thread, you can get to see many recurring nuances certain posters possess. For example, we have people like Ascaloth who has practically all his posts being written in an annoyingly "sarcaustic", yet funny manner, Vexx and Seiji handing out advice and oracle-like insights between their lines (the former occasionally writing about past experiences which older people normally like to share to the youngsters), Nosauz, Xellos and mg1942 writing without capital letters and in very short, punctuation-less sentences, Kyuusai/JMvS/Kamui stepping in and dropping fact-PGMs, Harufox constantly posting Aussie-related news, Yoko and Shiemi constructing their sentences to be as least offensive, etc. And each of the individual's list, or even the entire list, is non-exhaustive.

These are just trends that makes discussion in this forum interesting because we all have different opinions and perspectives. And we can keep it that way by just accepting who they are and what they post.

This might be the only 100% serious post I have made you guys will ever read in this entire forum, therefore I do not give a care who it offends, or even the mountain of negreps I am going to receive (never really did anyway). When I first joined this forum, I made a few anonymous negreps but I realised that doesn't exactly make me feel good, and I would like to apologise for all of those I have given.

So here is a middle finger to those who don't like what you have read and would like to negrep me : like I care about whether this wall of text disses you off or not.

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