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Originally Posted by chronotrig View Post
other words, the final answers presented in EP5 and EP6, the gold text and Shkanontrice, are all but canon. The reason most people have problems with Shkanontrice, I think, is because they haven't fully understood the gold text. Once you understand the gold text and all that it signifies, there is not a single scene in any game, not even EP5, that disproves Shkanon. In fact, there are literally dozens of scenes that support it.
None of us are completely sure how the gold text works. I think you were one of the people who believes the gold changes the rules of the game because the game master uses it. We aren't sure of that at all. It's possible for someone who is not the game master to know how to use the gold.

I was one of the people who believed you had to witness something to use the gold. The gold is saying what a person sees in both cases. In Beato's it was a tea trick with Battler he saw Kinzo's corpse. I'm going link my theories on what the gold is.

response to smeckledorf

Being the game master isn't necessary to use gold

How the gold text is worded is important

The reason Battler can use the gold is because he knows one of Umineko's X Y Z rules.

Colored Text Justice System

C'mon isn't it obvious!?

Klyon99. How do the red and gold texts apply to author theory?

Friend's suggestion

LyricalAura's theory

Renall "where the gold is trending"

AuraTwilight's theory

My new theory

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