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MS Nanoha Force NEXT - Design 01

CW-AEC02X "Strike Cannon"

This weapon is an not a "magical device" (hereinafter referred to as "device"), but an armed interface being produced as a "magic-driven weapon."

It is developed and manufactured with the order of the TSAB Mid-Childa headquarters, by the Weizen-based device manufacturer Caledfwlch Technics, for medium range air/land artillery duels. Currently testing is being carried out in the Takamachi team of Squadron 5. The person in responsible of the testing is the leader of the Takamachi team, Captain Nanoha Takamachi (25). As a gesture of courtesy by Caledfwlch Technics, the weapon has been painted in "Strato Blue" and "Shine White" in accordance with the personal call colour of Captain Takamachi. (Also, Unit 02 of the same model has been painted in "Magma Red" and "Sapphire Black" in accordance with the personal call colour of First Lieutenant Vita, the co-leader of the Takamachi Team.)

Usually magical devices channel the magical power of the users and directly output it as "bullets" or "barriers."* However, the core function of the CW Series of armed interfaces (including the aforementioned model) is to instantly convert the users' magical power into impact shocks, solid destruction cannon fire, protective barriers and etc. Therefore, they are effective counter weapons against enemy devices with magic neutralization property such as "AMF" or "Zero Effect." They are also test devices for the "personal-size practical high-speed magic conversion technology."

Nevertheless, a problem unveiled during the testing stage is the lack of sufficient strength and reaction speed of the instruction team members. As a result, only Captain Takamachi's Unit 01 is planned to be put into field testing. Technical Officer and Device Chief Atenza Mariel is now optimizing the Unit for Captain Takamachi's exclusive use.

Although little information has been disclosed, it is known that the long gun barrel has the function of rail accleration in its "Open" mode. In its "Close" mode, the weapon may be used as "Assault Lance" or "Heavy Sword."

* Magical devices have two different kinds of output methods: the 'User Cross Link' method which constantly circulates the user's magical power in the device and stabilize it; and the 'Direct boost' method which focuses on strengthening and accelerating the user's magic output.

Raising Heart Excelion (Standalone Flight Mode)

"Raising Heart Excelion" is the magical device owned by Captain Nanoha Takamachi.

As an intelligent device capable of autonomous behaviour, "she" has a female voice and personality.

The original form of the device is a highly classical "Mage's staff." Ever since Captain Takamachi has met the device as a 9-year-old child, almost the entirety of her magic career has been spent with "her".

Raising Heart has also been watching the growth of Captain Takamachi: from a young master to the Captain of the Bureau. Even though Captain Takamachi is now a mother of a child, Raising Heart still continues to be her partner in the sky and in life, and regards it a pride to be "the staff that supports Nanoha Takamachi."

In "her" battle history of over sixteen years, Raising Heart has received several upgrades, from the installation of the "Cartridge System" to the addition of the "Exceed System" and "Blaster Mode." The "Standalone Flight Mode" is the latest upgrade.

The "Standalone Flight Mode" is a mode which Raising Heart autonomously elected to be retrofitted in order to support Captain Takamachi as both of her hands are occupied for the use of Strike Cannon.

In this mode, Raising Heart can behave as a "staff" and directly output the magic power of Captain Takamachi. At the same time, the blade edge, which shares the functions of device protector and flight stabilizer, also has the properties of "cutting weapon."

Spoiler for Boring stuff:

Spoiler for Original moonspeak text (spoiler @ 2ch):

P.S. Ottocycle's magic cookie opened my eyes and helped me to locate the extra bit of text in 2ch... o_0
P.P.S. aers' scan provided additional information
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