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Originally Posted by Joojoobees View Post
It reminds me of the afternoon after an Apple product announcement; people start complaining that there is still disease and poverty in the world, so the product UTTERLY FAILED!
It does sort of have that flavour, doesn't it? Hype is a dangerous weapon to wield. And yes, a lot of us saw the inevitable backlash coming from miles away, so it's not surprising.

Regarding the direction, it may at least be worth considering the author's own admission the first episode is mostly to setup the premise, and the sort of "real show" begins in the second episode. Not saying that's an excuse or anything, but it's at least worth considering in terms of giving the show a chance to find its way. (Then again, that's good advice for just about every show; speaking of Haruhi, I remember people's initial reaction when the first episode of that show aired... )
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