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Wow, quite the response I got because of Miria, thanks a lot everyone!

Thanks JB, for the critique. I fixed up Miria a bit to make her more Miria-esque. Still not really close to how I imagined, but oh well. I'll just have to repaint this in a few years for comparisons' sake.

Ryus and Revan, you guys requested it in color. I haven't done much colorizing from grayscale in Photoshop, so this was a good practice for me, thank you! Hope the color choices aren't awful:

Originally Posted by haegar View Post

wow. this is awesome. the detail with the hair,the shading, her expression... it's great

could you plz plz pl make this into some kind of widescreen res and put in l Miria's logo in one of the corners? ... If you do I'll have a new wallpaper for the next few weeks

Haeger, did you want the greyscale Miria to be a wallpaper, and how did you see it layed out? Is Miria on the far left and the rest to the right fades to white?

Originally Posted by klare View Post
very nice

is it Teressa - Galatea - Miria?
Yes it is. Glad that they are recognizable without me saying anything!

Squawks, lolol sorry. <3 Post some pictures that you've drawn, or link me if they've already been posted.
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