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Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
So Noland has had his core absorbed by the book somewhere in the past?
Ahh...the time paradoxes
Though, my OCs don't fit this Fragment scenario

Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
@FlameSparkZ: Welcome back too! It's been a while since we saw your fics with your awesome drawings. Fuu-chan is CUTE~ . I like Elly as well. It's not often that you see a slightly unreliable onee-chan figure who also doubles as a comic boke partner. *SHOT!*

I'm worried about Maren and Koji, though. Did their contract all those years ago have some sort of long-term bad effect?

Looking forward to more.
All will be explained in due time :3

And I already have Part 1 of WindS-B Chapter 3 ready, yay~
So here it goes

Spoiler for WindS-B - Chapter 3: Challenging Winds - Part1:

Action! And it's about time too
This is my take on TSAB mage exams and the Rank A exam, hope it doesn't seem too absurd.

Well, that's it for now...enjoy :3
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