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Originally Posted by Judoh View Post
So for this gold to work as a human proof...maybe there really was an autopsy performed in secret? Could that be a human proof that can guarantee this corpse is Kinzo? Do official autopsies have papers too?
Hahahaha with this theory there doesn't even have to be corpse presented. Okay I think I can show how it was guaranteed now. I just have to take advantage of Battler's position.

Here's how it happened.

Natsuhi initally rejected an autopsy, but Krauss and Nanjo were too curious and had it done anyway. the autopsy report detailed the cause of Kinzo's death.

When Battler and Erika found the gold the family members suggested they announce it to Kinzo.

Natsuhi and Krauss couldn't let everyone into the study so they had a talk with Battler in private about it.

Battler as the head became privy to information that none of the siblings knew about Kinzo. And maybe Krauss had a man to man talk with him and showed him the autopsy report.

Battler then became part of the Kinzo conspiracy.

When Erika suggested he couldn't leave the room later knowing this information he pretended to act out the myth of the crazy old man Kinzo and show how he could leave the closed room. Battler said himself that men like to Embellish things.

But once Erika cornered Natsuhi this was impossible to hide. All he had to do is show the autopsy report to show that Kinzo was dead and he could raise some doubt in Erika's theory...
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