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Originally Posted by Bluemail View Post
Beatrice 2 was called a homunculus right? Maybe she was a cyborg too
A Kikokugai reference maybe?

Originally Posted by Bluemail View Post
I think either of them could disguise as the other, but I really hope Kanon is really a different person from Shannon. At least was. And I don't like "killing personalities". It just seems so fishy.
I'm still skeptical that Shannon and Kanon can disguise as each other. I don't care what anyone says about perspectives. I have seen no evidence that anyone thinks Shannon and Kanon look alike. The only time I have ever seen their appearances compared is in episode 2. And that is when Suit Beatrice is talking.

Here is the exact quote:

Suit Beatrice: So it is Shannon this time, How nostalgic...Hoh. The color of your face looks quite well doesn't it? Different from Kanon. Almost beyond recognition.

Shannon:..."Thank you very much"

The only reasons I dislike Shkanon is because I care for the characters. I'm fine with having less suspects, but I like both Shannon and Kanon. So I'd rather let go of a new character like Erika than get rid of Kanon. I also have seen no hints of anyone beleiving they could disguise as each other. Beatrice has tons of hints. People in the game would suspect that any of the women could be Beatrice, but there are no such hints that anyone believes such a thing for the servants disguising as each other.
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