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So how many solutions to that riddle have we come up with so far?
  • Shannon and Kanon are the same person, plus Erika is 17
  • Erika is actually one of the other 17 on the island
  • Both of the two above are true, leaving room for 17th Person X
  • The number system used to count people starts at 0
  • The number system used to count people is not decimal
  • There were only 17 people on Rokkenjima-prime, even if Erika is a piece
  • There were 17 people after the first twilight so there was room for more people
  • Battler falls off the boat, and the rescued "Battler" is really Jessica, which is 17 people
  • "Furniture" don't count as humans, so there is room for 3 extra people
  • Battler doesn't exist and is only a "personality"
Any others I forgot?

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