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MS Nanoha Force NEXT - Design 02

CW-AECX07X "Sword Breaker"

Disaster Sergeant Subaru Nakajima is a relatively orthodox user of twin devices: her equipment includes the intelligent device "Mach Caliber" installed on her feet and the cartridge unit weapon "Revolver Knuckle" on her right hand. However, this time she has been issued a test model of "Sword Breaker" - an AEC equipment to be attached on her left arm. Detailed functions of the weapon has yet to be revealed. The only information published regarding the weapon is that it is a "Defence equipment for Melee Combat users."

"Mach Caliber AX"

Mach Caliber, a roller-blade-type intelligent device, has been long cherished by Disaster Sergeant Nakajima (21) of the Harbour Special Rescue Team as her exclusive device since its issuance to her whilst on assignment in Mobile Force 6. It is developed to fully utilize the potential of Sergeant Nakajima's (Private Nakajima at that time) manoeuvre support magic "Wing Road" and combat technique "Shooting Arts."

After more than six years since its original development, the device has received major upgrades and has been transformed into this new device, Mach Caliber AX. The enhancement work was done by Shario Finieno, one of the original developers of the device.

Besides strengthening of the frame to adapt to the harsh environment in disaster areas as well as redesign of the suspension to allow high-speed manoeuvres, the magic output mode has been adjusted to the "special constitution" of Sergeant Nakajima and improved to a terrific standard of specification, allowing "less than 0.4% reduction in performance during occasions where magical linking is impossible." These enhancements can enable Disaster Sergeant Nakajima to "rush to those who seek help" regardless of the circumstances, as mentioned by her.

Also, despite of the changes in outward appearance and internal mechanics, the AI of the device has been kept intact. It will continue to serve as a good "partner" to Sergeant Nakajima supporting both her public and private life.

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Random comments:

Originally Posted by LVD View Post
But your translation is incredibly good.

Anyway sorry for being late to the party. Probably no one is interested any more but here is my version.

IMO the new addition to Subaru is not too much of a departure from her original design. The shock factor is much less when compared to Nanoha's strike cannon. Hope that they will bring out something cooler for Fate.

Spoiler for Runes for reference:

(Not too sure of the generally accepted translation of 防災士長 in the Nanoha scene, so I stuck to the rank system of the Japanese firefighters.)
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