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Let me first begin that this page was not entirely translated on my own. Another person who I can't remember made a rough translation of page 15. Their name escapes me at this moment, but in any case, I am doing a re-translation and carefully going over the other person's translation in an attempt to make it read better.

I've also attached the Japanese text in case people would like to try their hand at babelfish/rikaichan their way through.

I will add translations of the text slowly as I correct and modify it.

Spoiler for big picture:

Page 14 – 15

Disc2-16 だけど、今は
Disc2-16 But, now…

No matter what the place, no matter what the situation.
I will rescue any crying child.
Until we reach somewhere safe, I will keep on going. (or “I will head straight until we reach somewhere safe, no matter what”)

The History of Belka
Caution: The page below contains information that intimately alludes/deeply connected to the core of the story. To enjoy the text to its fullest, please read after listening to the entire story.

History of ancient Belka~From the prehistory to the age of war
Long ago, Belka was born as one of the world which floated in the sea of the dimensions and with its superior weapon technology made war upon many other countries. Not only did Belka invade/attack fellow countries but also attacked/invaded other worlds, and thus expanded their territory.
Through alliances, agreements/pacts, and sheer aggression; the power balance of the world was forever changed and an era of constant endless warfare began. Furthermore, the superior weapon technology of Belka is said to be descended from the technology of the eternally lost dimensional world of [Al Hazard].

The Kings of Belka
Near the end of this long history of warfare, the Belkan war came to an impasse/stalemate and the research/development of weapon technology became even more intense.
About 1000 years ago… During the Wars, the research of artificial life forms had an astonishing evolution/breakthrough, [Kings] began to enhance/improve their own bodies and pass these improvements down to descendants.
The King of Garea inherited/created the ability produce corpse weapons/soldiers endlessly from the nuclei within their bodies. While those of the Sankt Kaiser (Holy King) family/dynasty made themselves into the key and sole user of an ultimate weapon.
Countless other kings modified themselves excessively/extensively and took pride in their modifications as a symbol of power.
And so an insane/mad era where technology demanded [a persons’ body, life and linker core] for power began/evolved.

End of the war
The Ancient Belkan wars reduced [the lands of Old/Ancient Belka to dust](alternative: obliterated the land of Ancient Belka) and thus brought the war to an end/close. The sudden and complete utter extermination/destruction of the people of Belka was such that the land of Belka is still today uninhabitable by the pollution/contamination inflicted upon it hundreds of years ago. It is believed that some sort of weapon of mass destruction was used or possibly an accident involving them. However no concrete evidence has ever emerged.
After the sudden destruction of Belka, the Sankt Kaiser family/dynasty attempted to rally themselves using the [Cradle] still in their possession in an attempt to restore/unite their nation/people once more by taking over distant/outer rim worlds. (This war is called the “Sankt Kaiser Unification War”).
During this war, the [Cradle] was lost and those that called themselves the legitimate [True Belkans] faded away/disappeared. In addition to this, the practitioners/traditions and armaments of [Ancient/Old Belkan Style Magic] has now become almost extinct.
Thus, the Ancient Belka war ended, and dubbed/recorded as “A war without a victor".

And now, Modern Belka

During long Belkan history of war, an extensive number of technology were developed/researched... particularly weapons of mass destruction and the highly diverse technology called "Lost Logia" which had a great influence/impact on the futures of dimension world.
By ending the war, the Sankt Kaiser dynasty/family became an object of worship and a [Saint King (Sankt Kaiser) Church] was established which quickly spread/gained many believers/adherents.
Presently, Midchilda is the most preeminent advancer of magical technology development/research. To contain/destroy the dangerous/perilous weapons of mass destructions of the past, establish interdimensional exchange/diplomacy and protect/promote peace, a peacekeeping organization was established. This organization later became the TSAB.
And so/Because the Saint Church lent its strength/power to this newly established peacekeeping organization, it was granted an independent/autonomous country on Midchilda called the [Belkan Autonomous Region/Territory] to call its own.
Since then, they have quietly maintained and transmitted the lost history of Ancient Belka to the present day.

Spoiler for Japanese Text:
I do not like Kansai-ben, but I do like Hayate-chan!
Also, Canadian here, not actually Japanese.

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