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I guess I'll just list my favorite culprits then.

From the time I've been here I've suggested quite a few different masterminds

1. George

2. Kyrie

3. Jessica

4. Asumu (Ssol's theory)

I like George as a mastermind the best for the following reasons.
  • He's the only family member besides Krauss and Natsuhi specifically shown to order the servants.
  • He suggests he has his own source on occult knowledge and knows things about the scorpion charm and resurrection ceremonies he shouldn't know.
  • 07151129 is in his tips and it's possible he could of written the number before he died if he had a key to the parlor. Furthermore anyone in the business world could have put the illegal money in the safety deposit boxes, and George is said to be well on his way in the business world. He also says himself that he's always prepared.
  • Is always the first person to point out Beatrice's letters at dinner when Maria takes them out of her bag. And was also the first person to notice Beatrice's letter in the chapel in episode 2.
  • He's good with kids and he seems to like to protect Maria from the adults.

Rosa and Eva are really red herring culprits to me sorry.

EDIT: A working theory I have is that the mastermind/handler (whoever it is) Choses Sub-culprits to lead certain groups, which the leaders of which are different in each game.

There are many factions people on here have suggested. i.e team beatrice, team fake deaths, team epitaph, team closed room and stakes, team justice, team bomb, team rescue, etc

The leaders of whatever group chose accomplices like you would chose the players on your team in a basketball game. Since the leaders are chosen at random the accomplices are always different.

For first twilight fakery though it's a lot easier if you suspect Jessica is the person in charge of that group. Since she has make up and stuff and she's involved in at least two of the more obvious fake death plots. And even if the leaders aren't different every time I suppose accomplices could still be chosen at random if you believe in the author theory.

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