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This show is getting much better. Everything is starting to mesh much better. I'm also really digging the BGM work in this. My main question is whether this will be 26 or 50, if it's the latter then this might actually turn out to be pretty awesome in the later episodes. The OP is leagues leagues better than the current one.

The stalker part was much better than I expected. I particularly love Psy's jealous fit and Holly's attitude of screwing her brother over. It also looks like the Professor might have a crush as well.

It seems we're going the fugitive route but I doubt it's going to last that long and it'll probably end with Joey making a deal with the government. The trio is no Gekkostate. I would like to see some fights in other cities but honestly there isn't much on earth they fight against. Minami's robot got trashed and it was probably one of the more advanced robots so they could use the Incredible plot though(with the robot getting more advanced each time) but that could get old really fast in a tv show.

I also lol'd that the government was actually able to track someone down unlike in essentially all superhero stories.

P.S. I was fully expecting Lina to say "Go get 'em Tiger!" before Joey rushed off to fight Minami's robot.
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