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It's EXTREMELY important actually. Notice the 4+1 magazine size. First Twilight is 6 people. Small little holes open with that tip that don't have easy answers. If people get shot for the first twilight, then what happens to the 6th person?
This is weird, but there is actually an explanation for how 6 people could die if only 5 bullets were used. Krauss's half of his face was blown off on the right side, and Shannon's was on the left. If they were right next to each other when they were shot that explains why there were five shots and six victims. Now why would they stand still together long enough for that? I have no idea.

Of course we could always use they theory that they were killed some other way and that they used a sander or something to do that to their faces afterward. And the death faking. We gotta find some way for there to be a rekiller though if they're faking.
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