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Originally Posted by Magin View Post
Um guys... you're forgetting one little fact about pregnancy and why Moka getting the power of the shinso through being her daughter holds no water:

assuming that vampire pregnancy really is anything like human's, then from what I remember in health class, NOTHING from the mother actually comes in contact with the baby. Which is why Akuha's statement about it not being hereditary makes sense- it has to be through the blood, and the mother's blood doesn't come in contact with the baby's while they're in the womb

of course, for all we know, Akasha may have bitten Moka at one point to transfer the power along...
You're correct on the part that blood from the mother doesn't come into contact with the fetus but Moka could've been born as a Shinso regardless of that fact. I personally don't think that Moka was born as one but the theory's still possible.

From Wiki:
The (umbilical) cord is not directly connected to the mother's circulatory system, but instead joins the placenta, which transfers materials to and from the mother's blood without allowing direct mixing.
However, a baby takes on the DNA of both parents. It could be possible that once Akasha became a Shinso, her DNA was altered to reflect that. DNA determines your blood-type, so I would guess that in order for Akasha to continue being a Shinso is for her body to continue to produce Shinso blood after it was introduced into her system. Once she became pregnant with Moka, Akasha's DNA would transfer to Moka.

Still, this is a LONG stretch since the manga made it clear that you CAN'T become a Shinso through heredity. I don't know why people are trying to make that connection though.
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