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Some interesting stuff from first glance at kouryakukan and 2ch and my comments:

- There's going to be G Gundam stuff in the next issue, though I'm not sure if new.
- There's a summary of the Wing novel, Dorothy is the president of the Earth UN, Heero sleeping in a cold sleep capsule (?!) etc. I need to browse up on the story, it's been a while since I watched it.
- It's Regene's turn to do crazy stuff in 00I. The summary itself is not yet up, but the placeholders are already in the website.

EDIT: Oops, just realized that was very off topic. To make up for it, the site also says:

- The Braves were primarily created by AUE and Union engineers.
- The blue machine for commanders that Graham uses in the news flash is installed with two fake GN Drives.
- The grunts are green.
- The GNX-IV actively uses Innovade technology, and also has Ahead's technology.

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