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Originally Posted by TTR View Post
Maybe this is hint towards multi-tiered culprits (i.e. once the gold is found, the culprit suddenly becomes someone else and people die for a different reason then what did before. Kind of like how in Higurashi if one set of conditions were avoiding, you ran into another set of conditions with other people dieing?)
That's basically how my Rule Z works. It's like rock paper scissors. Group A Defeats> Group B Defeats> Group C defeats> Group A.

I personally beleive there is a manipulator at the top of these three groups and that there are different accomplices in each episode (to make sense of why people die in so many inconsistent ways), but he doesn't have to exist if you don't want him to.

Originally Posted by Oliver View Post
I have, actually, always been a proponent of a multi-culprit approach, and I am doubtful about the possibility of a single mastermind who somehow forces others to murder.
You have to admit it has a lot of foreshadowing though.
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