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AnimeSuki rush


The 2010 AnimeSuki RUSH... 10:32:00 JST
9:32:00 PM ET, 8:32:00 PM CT, 7:30:00 PM MT, 6:30:00 PM PT

Key Times:
xx:32:00 First Post + Votes (if applicable)
xx:32:46 Second Moe Gal
xx:33:32 (etc...) Optional

What is a rush?

Quite simply it is one of the native traditions of the 2ch existence of Saimoe... it is a fun way to interact with other like-minded fans to show support for some cause. Most rushes are based on a single character or series. One of the main goals it to make an unbroken series of posts in 2ch, which is pretty easy in the first rounds but becomes more and more difficult as the tournament progresses, so timing is important! The AnimeSuki rush is a rush more to show the support of English speaking fans of some of the traditions of the Saimoe. It was started by todkapuz and ando during Saimoe 2007 and ran strong for the first two years but is essentially dead at this point, in part due to 2ch bans on foreign IPs. Even if you aren't voting at the time of the rush for whatever reason, you are still encouraged to participate.

See this post for an example of a rush. Note the 2-part challenge rush of Nagisa--coordinating these combo posts with someone else can be quite tricky but also fun.
Use the time at! No really, this is important. Proper rushing requires precise posting, to the second, so it is important for everyone to be looking at the same clock.

Spoiler for How to Vote:

Spoiler for About Rushing / Templates / Etc:

Spoiler for Blank rush template:

Spoiler for 2010 AnimeSuki Rushes:

  1. Synchroom page (includes links to character lists)
  2. Voting threads
  3. Code generator
  4. ASCII art collection
  5. Size counter (Less than 1800 (for the first field) is a safe way to go.)
  6. Clock
  7. 2009 rush post
  8. 2008-11-08: the greatest AS rush of all time.

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