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With the earlier mention of BoP's storyline being included in this novel, I thought I'd present some shippy stuff from it since my main concern is Sumisawa not messing up my Heero/Relena. What can I say? I'm heavily invested in that pairing. xD

Duo and Heero in a car together. And what do they talk about?
Spoiler for size:

"She's gonna forget about you, man." Oh Duo, you're more concerned about Heero's chances of getting laid than he is.

Then there's Duo calling Relena...
Spoiler for size:

"I just can't leave em' alone." Duo, you're the best.

To top it all off, there's Dorothy...
Spoiler for size:

Passionate reunion? What were you expecting, Dorothy? For them to do the nasty right there on the table while you watch? xD

I almost feel sorry for those two with all the undercover matchmaking going on.

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