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I noticed that Azusa "COST" more to be more powerful. Tsk Tsk...loli's really.

Ok lets move on to the legal age woman in K-on.

HAWT!!! I tell ya.

All the other non-attacking monsters you own in the field have -10 Attack / -10 Defence

Requirement : You must own 4 monsters in play.
Effect : Return one event card of your opponent with less than 2 cost into his/her hand.

Lost temper!
Azunyan gets +20 Attack / -10 Defence.

Refusal to listen/ Forgot Lyrics!

Nullify the effect of the card your opponent played.

Lower the cost of the subsequent card played by 3.

Yui gets +10 Attack/+10 Defence. At the end of attacking this card is discarded.

Draw a card. Discard this card at the end of the turn.

When this card is summoned, any of your opponent's equipment card with less than 2 source will be placed in defensive position.

+10 Attack/+10 Defence to any monster it is attached to. This card stays permanently in play on the field.

Seems that Azunyan is not the only one able to use "Nekomimi"......

When this monster is summoned, attach the effects of <Nekomimi> on the field (if played) to it.

This card is seriously overpowered, unless I have read wrongly....

When this card is played, your main monster has +10 Attack/+10 Defence. At the end of your opponent's next turn, all of your characters gain +10 Attack / +10 Defence till the end of your turn then.

Mugi certainly has really useful and powerful cards.

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