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Soldiers under [Nephilims] are not exactly human. They are dead mages whos bodies have been reanimated back to life using powerful nanotechnology, technically they didn't come back from the dead as the nanomachines are now the ones in control. If a Nephilim becomes unable to function properly, the Nanomachines can leave the body to find another host. However, to find one that is compatible to the individual set of machines is very difficult, one could be searching for years before an acceptable host is found. The Nanomachines are able to cast magic via the host's Linker Core.
One thing I don't get though...the "they didn't come back from the dead as the nanomachines are now the ones in control", so how come they seem to act as themselves?

Here's the Preview to the resuming of BreakerS but following the style I used in WindS-B...

Spoiler for BreakerS Ch24 Preview:

As it hints, I'll be finally revealing more of Maren's past as well as the main antagonist (as if it wasn't obvious aready...)

And now, Koji and Maren's Updated Profiles as well as Altea's Profile \o/ (aka, the main characters for the upcoming arcs)

Spoiler for BreakerS - Koji's Updated Profile:

Spoiler for BreakerS - Maren's Updated Profile:

Spoiler for BreakerS - Altea's Profile:

That's it for now :3
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