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Originally Posted by Kurush View Post
Nice, very nice... I'm gonna add this to my Favorites out there.

I got something here. Not KonoSetsu, like I promised, but I swear to Ahura Mazda that I will set it up once I get to it.

Spoiler for Setsuna's court martial:

Spoiler for Notes:
...Okay, alignments are hard. The only one that really makes sense in my head (besides Setsuna's, thanks to you) would be Haruna as a Chaotic Neutral, with a solid allegiance to her friends. Maybe. ...Alignments are really, really hard. Or I'm just bad at them.

New chapter from me. Fun chapter this time around. And by fun I mean... well, I had fun with it.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 6
Day 7
Day 11

Spoiler for Day 12:

Spoiler for Notes:

Thanks for reading.
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