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Number of kills made by Judau and Roux. Note : They are not 100% accurate. I count what I can see onscreen .I consider kills where by the MS can no longer get up or get destroyed and by what I can see.

Total Kill Count(At least)
Judau : 51
Roux: 21

Kill Per Battle Episode: (Total Kill Count/ Number of battle episode)
Judau :1.13333 (51/45)
Roux: 0.8076 (21/26)

Spoiler for Kill rates for each episode:

Originally Posted by Elo the Blue View Post

To answer you questions, Glemy simply wanyed Leina into become more cultured. There was no reason to kill her so he decided she should be more refined.

Roux left the Argama simply out of frustration.

As for she and Judau, they became Feddies in the Jupiter Fleet.

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